What is “FU money”? This is the money that theoretically allows you to say “f*** you” to your boss as you quit. It’s not something I really recommend; the swearing, I mean, not the quitting or the having the money.

A gracious exit gives you the same result – a quick escape from a job that, for whatever reason, is intolerable or undesirable. Implied is that you can do this without having another job, or that you never have to work again.

Some people only define FU Money as enough to never have to work again. Here I’m defining it as your cash cushion or investments that allow you to make decisions without considering the financial ramifications.

I’ve used my FU money once. At the time I didn’t have that much cash, but it was enough that I could be jobless for a few months.

Mostly I managed to tolerate the job enough to pay my bills. Then one of my bosses did something that I thought was extremely unethical. The toll on my psyche was suddenly too much to tolerate. I had to quit.

I still remember those two months of unemployment fondly. Knowing that I had enough money to pay my expenses allowed me to regain my mental stability. I relaxed, recovered, and did some continuing education. 

I cannot recommend enough that you always have some cash available. Hopefully your job is at least tolerable, but if it isn’t having extra money gives you options.


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