My Philosophy

I hate the one-size-fits-all money advice that is so prevalent on the internet. Everyone’s situation, personality, and priorities are different. I try to never offer advice that is too general or vague to be useful.

For example, even this one tip that everyone should follow: “live below your means” can be troublesome. What does this mean exactly? I believe it’s true, but it’s also so simplistic that it’s practically useless in real life. How do you know what “your means” are? How far below is ideal for you?

The point of most of my writing and tips will be to help you analyze your own situation and then apply changes that work for you.


My Ambitions

I aim to:

  • obtain the Canadian Risk Management (CRM) designation
  • become a Certified Financial Planner

My dream job is to work for myself, helping empower people to take charge of their financial health by:

  • offering online and in-person seminars and workshops
  • writing books and articles
  • providing one-on-one money and life coaching

I’m especially interested in the financial needs of youth, women, and new Canadians.

Although I currently work for a corporate employer I hope to slowly transition between corporate work and self-employment.
I’m aiming for financial independence when I’m around 50, and hope to dedicate my time to helping others with their money situations.


My Past

I’ve always been interested in math, money, and spreadsheets. Saving money has been important to me since childhood. I started tracking my spending before I even had a real job. Although I do purchase some luxuries, I’ve never been very interested in shopping. I’ve had minimal non-mortgage debt. But like everyone, I’ve made money mistakes. I’ll share some of them in future articles.


My Present

I’m a fanatical money-fiddler, always trying to make my money work harder for me, without taking on unnecessary risk. I’m not super frugal, but rather try to spend in line with my values.


My Personal Life

I’m a 38 year-old Canadian woman who was raised in an eclectic cultural background in Edmonton, Alberta. I currently live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with my husband and our collection of computers and electronics. When I’m not creating spreadsheets or micromanaging my finances, I enjoy writing, editing, knitting, travelling, eating (vegetarian and gluten-free), telling people what I think, and being warm.

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